Cheope |  Table

The peculiarity of the table Cheope lies in the eccentric decoration that covers the oval bases, the designer’s artistic expression. A thin metal sheet is molded thus creating a surface with a strong three-dimensionality emphasized by a chromatic finish that enhances its texture. Available in different chromatic finishes to obtain the best match with the type of marble chosen. Thanks to the wide range of sizes available for the top, this table fits any dimension of dining room.

Collection: Cheope

Type: Table

Category: Tables

Design: Claudio Cappellini

Year: 2018

Material: Marble, Artistic finish, Metal


200 W x 110 D x 73 H cm CHEOPE.8200

240 W x 120 D x 73 H cm CHEOPE.8240

280 W x 120 D x 73 H cm CHEOPE.8280

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