Lisbona |  Chair

Designed to be matched with Nova table, Lisbona chair is suitable also for other tables placed in different living areas: the look of this item is refined and its proportions have been thought to grant the best comfort. The front legs are realized with maple tree wood lacquered with dark brown colour while the frame and back legs upholstered with leather, present refined brushed metal details on the upper part. The back legs,a bit reclined internally, sustain an enveloping leather back embroidered with “plissè” effect while the seat, that is upholstered too, exalts the shape of this chair showing the cross detail that joins the legs.

Collection: Lisbona

Type: Chair

Category: Chairs

Design: Luca Erba

Year: 2019

Material: Leather, Wood, Metal


55 W x 58 D x 75 H cm LISBONA.1030

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